Welcome to the KMSWiki

Welcome to the KMSWiki space where students of Mr. R's class from Northwest Kidder MS will share and collaborate in their learning.
There are several goals in using this wiki.
  • Sharing and Collaboration of Work
  • Gaining an Community/World Audience
  • Authentic Assessment of Student Work
  • Relevance of Useful Technology

What Is A Wiki?

A wiki is a type of web site that allows users to add, edit, or change content. This ease of interaction makes a wiki an effective tool in collaborative work.

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Living Through History Student Projects

Throughout the year each unit of study will have different projects and assignment that students will complete.


People, Ideas, Places Unit 1

Civil War Seminar

Seminar Vocabulary

Seminar Films

Red Badge of Courage

Letters Home

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Mr. R's Class
Marching To A Different Beat